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Beyond the Event: Creative Approaches to Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Many nonprofits have invested in peer-to-peer tools to manage registration and participant fundraising for run, walk, and ride events. They may be missing opportunities to use those same tools between, or instead of, events to raise even more funds.

Here is a copy of the presentation from the September Meet Up:


Closing the Infrastructure Gap for Nonprofits 

There’s a gap in #nonprofits…and building infrastructure can support creating a tech-centric sector.

In the 2014 Nonprofit Technology Network’s study on technology investments, we learn, “nonprofits feel relatively confident that they have the tools to do their every-day work, but are less confident about having enough skilled staff or training to effectively use their technology for their work.” This session will discuss the challenges organizations face in closing the infrastructure gap, creating a tech-centric culture and how leaders can make the shifts. We will also cover the specific skills needed in various areas of technology, opportunities for enhancing data usage, and how to expand collaborations within our sector.

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Must-Use Apps & Tools for Every Nonprofit 
Experts on WordPress, Google Analytics, Salesforce shared their insights on how nonprofits can leverage these tools to build stronger organizations. We also featured apps available to create engaging social media and event content.
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