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Tech4Good Orlando November Meetup

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We had a nice discussion November 15th for the monthly meetup.  The purpose was to recap the year and look forward to growing the group in the coming months.

As for progress to date, one of the success stories is the work of Pavel Vakh and team from iternative.net at UP Orlando.  They have been engaging with the nonprofit, delivering much needed IT services and was able to obtain a file server for their initiatives.

As for looking forward to the future, we have two upcoming meetings:

  • In December, we will hold our event at the Pet Alliance Orlando
  • In January, one of our newer members, Greg Troxell, of National Alliance for Youth Development will be sponsoring the January event

– look forward to meetup details for both events.

I am pleased that we have re-activated this group.  There has been very positive reviews and we’d like to capitalize on that for the future.  We need to deliver more positive outcomes to more non profits in greater Orlando.

For the future, I’d like to hear from you.  Please comment below.

Tech4Good Orlando’s September Meeting Recap

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I would like to thank all the people who RSVP’d and/or attended last night’s event at UPOrlando.


We initially met, then participated in a site visit of the non-profit by Nina Yon, UPOrlando’s director of development.

At the conclusion of the site visit, Mark Becker, of Cathexis Partners, discussed Peer-to-Peer fundraising – this is a model that many non-profits can use.

At the conclusion of the presentation, we discussed how we can position Tech4Good to make immediate impact in the community.  Several ideas/activities:

  1. Publish a directory of IT suppliers/organizations that Non-profits can use (look for a separate tab on this site)
  2. Provide focused support for one organization, engage several groups to help alleviate some of the key pain points at the non-profit.
  3. Communicate to the non-profits about the services our group could provide

We specifically addressed how the team could help UPOrlando, immediately.  Please watch this space as we work with UPOrlando in the next few days.

I would ask if you have additional comments, please provide here:


The Panel Has Spoken: Adopting a Tech-Centric Culture

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March 26th we held our very first panel event “Adopting a Tech-Centric Culture” at the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. If you have not been to this facility yet you are missing out; it is amazing!! We had a powerhouse business women contribute their experiences to our topic.

Our panelists included:

  • Leslie Wilcott, instructor at University of Central Florida
  • Heather Norton, Vice President of education at the Orlando Science Center
  • Devin Dominguez, Director of development at Art & History museums-Maitland
  • Ally Hinton, Digital marketing coordinator/social media manager for rethink homeless

Throughout our discussion we asked our panel three main questions.

Is the investment in technology worth the return?

Our panelists replied with an absolute consensus that technology is a must in this day and age.

 “If you don’t adopt technology you might as well close your doors”-Ally

When it comes to adopting technology, where do organizations start and who needs to be involved in the process?

Devin advocates all aspects of the organization need to be involved in the decision and adoption but there needs to be e a “keeper” of the project. The keeper of the project should be someone who is open minded and passionate about the technology being adopted. Managing with empathy to foster the idea of technology growth will be instrumental in the adoption process. Understand all staff members have different day-to-day roles; they don’t walk in your shoes and you don’t walk in theirs.

“Everyone needs to be involved” – Heather

Leslie recommends sharing information with everyone so all aspects of the organization are involved in the change from the start.

Heather suggests understanding where the fear of technology and change is coming from to address it head on. Once we have an understanding of the reason behind resistance, we as leaders can make the change and adoption of technology less intimidating.

“Admit you don’t know” –Leslie

How do you make your case when investing in technology?

Leslie recommends putting yourself in the department heads shoes. Find the need and highlight the benefits of the investment for all departments to sell the idea.  “There has always been a need for the technology already integrated.”

Heather urges if it doesn’t work- don’t give up! Adopting technology can be intimidating and troublesome. Many times organizations will give up too quickly because they are trying to force the technology to conform to the organization rather than embracing the technology and letting the technology complete the task. Keeping an open mind will assist with the culture and process change.

Devin recommends quantify the time savings to sell the idea. Money is the bottom line right? So, why not put the money in the forefront? Quantifying the time savings for day-to-day tasks will allow organizations to get the most out of their staff member’s time, thus creating a more functional and efficient process.

“Technology upgrades are necessary.”-Leslie

Ally advises technology is hard- use your resources! Many staff members in small nonprofits do not have IT training and lack the knowledge to understand analytics and how to reach their market with the correct content. Make the most of your efforts and learn as much as possible about the new technology being adopted from the resources at hand. Hire a consultant if need be! Just don’t make a monetary investment without a time investment.

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Recap: Must-Use Apps & Tools for Every Nonprofit

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The apps and tools workshop was a great way to introduce Tech4Good to the Orlando community. We had a great turn out and the presenters were awesome! Our very own, Margaux Pagan presented Canva, an online graphic design software. Margaux had our members design valentines day cards for their loved ones. Our members had a great time creating professional looking cards and many of them emailed their creations!

Margaux also presented Piktochart which assists in the creation of infographics. I am a huge fan of infographics and loved learning how to create them! Be on the look out for some Tech4Good infographics created by yours truly!

Margaux’s final presentation was EventBrite. Tech4Good uses EventBrite to track our attendance for our events and it works wonders! The best part of EventBrite is it also provides statical data for promotional tools. This allows T4G to better understand how to effectively reach our members!

Ryan Mickley, a personal branding specialist, presented WordPress. WordPress is a tool used to create websites. WordPress has worked well for many types of organizations due to their range of products offered. For smaller companies, WordPress offers inexpensive website templates at a low rate. For larger companies we need customization of their website WordPress offers blank canvases. Our website, Tech4GoodOrlando.org is a WordPress site!
Matthew Donovan, owner of Txtsignal.com, presented his product which allows organizations to send out mass text messages. Txtsignal also has the capability of sending and receiving replies creating a dialog with customers. Matthew was kind enough to offer a discount for all the members at the workshop!

Shea Glenny, the Director of Strategy at Root Radius, presented Google Analytics! This was a very interesting presentation because Shea informed us on the importance of utilizing the tools Google provides. In a nutshell, Google Analytics provide statical data about websites. This data includes the traffic to websites, bounce rates, and the length of time a person stays at your website.
Our final presenter was Jared Miller who presented SalesForce AppExchange. Jared is the leader of the Tampa Salesforce User Group, was the co-host of the wildly popular Button Click Admin podcast, and is the Director of Customer Success at Configero! During Jared’s presentation he discussed SaleForce’s 1-1-1 model; this model provides 1% of their product, 1% of their equity and 1% of their employees time to nonprofits. Since the creation of this model SalesForce has give over $73M in grants and has logged over 743K hours of service!

The feedback we have received from this event has been very positive! We are so excited the community found the tools and apps helpful for their nonprofits! I can’t wait to do it again!!
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