iDignity Site tour

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I had the opportunity to visit the iDignity monthly event on Thursday August 16th.  During the day, over 150 volunteers assisted over 250 Central Florida residents to obtain necessary identification so that they can get jobs and support their living arrangements.  It was a truly wonderful show of support for people who desperately need this information.

We will be publishing additional information as the September meeting gets closer

Community Non-Profit Spotlight: iDignity

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I recently met with this non-profit and wanted to share some information about them:

IDignity was created to assist the disadvantaged in Central Florida to navigate the complexities and financial burden of obtaining the legal documentation that the State of Florida requires to obtain an ID or license. The documents IDignity obtains on behalf of our clients enable them to apply for employment or school, obtain access to shelters, vote, seek help from social service programs, open a bank account or cash a check, secure housing, or overcome many other obstacles to becoming self-sufficient. The demand for these services has yet to ebb.

While the State of Florida does not charge the homeless or those living below the poverty level for the cost of an ID, individuals must still cover the cost of obtaining the proofs required by the State to obtain an ID. The fee for a driver’s license is not waived. The cost of proofs varies depending on the complexity of each case. Birth certificate costs vary by state/US territory and range between $7 and $50. Official copies of marriage certificates/licenses must be obtained to document any name change. Obtaining identification documents gives our clients the ability to move forward to the next step of their lives, whether it is obtaining employment, applying for school or finding homes for their families.

We will have iDignity present their case study in an upcoming meetup.  Some of the technical challenges they face are expansion, data security and data integration.
Visit iDignity the 3rd thursday of the month for a tour.

Tours take about an hour and are at the event site; 440 West Colonial Drive. We partner with the Salvation Army once a month to hold these client service events.  Contact Anne Taylor to schedule your tour.

Holiday Fundraiser from an Orlando Tech affiliate

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Dear Tech4Good members,

Tech For Good and Orlando Tech Association are throwing a killer party to help kid’s charities, and we need you and tech4good’s help.

I am excited to be hosting the first Tech For Good fundraiser – a way to connect the tech community to the larger community through philanthropy. Specifically, we are raising money to help kid’s nonprofits in Orlando.

We are different than tech4good in name, but share the same spirit, and hope you can attend. For all the reason’s you are members of tech4good, we knew we needed to step up our philanthropy game. So, we are throwing a holiday style party at Irish Shannons on Friday, Dec 8th from 5:30 to 8:30 pm. Bottomless drinks from the open bar, fun bar games (including a Flip Cup tournament), and lots of goodwill. You are the champions of the Orlando tech social good, and so I come to you looking for your assistance in making this a wild success.

The more people that attend and the more sponsor dollars we raise, the more kids we can help.

1. Please buy a ticket for yourself, your friends and loved ones, your employees, and even your customers. It does not need to be exclusive to techies – anyone who is awesome is welcome: anyone who likes fun and helping children should come. We intentionally scheduled it on a Friday night downtown, so it can either be a kick-ass happy hour or a kick-ass pre-party. Use promo code T4G to save $10.

2. Help us find supportive companies to sponsor with $500-$1000 donations. They will be promoted on all of the materials alongside OTA. Checks will be written directly to BAYS Florida, the nonprofit we are helping and are tax deductible – so contact Chris Lawson directly and I’ll facilitate.

3. Spread the word. Please spread the event info and mission, along with the coupon code far and wide via email, social, websites, friendly influencers and press. If you participate in other Meetups or group, please invite all of the members. Again, this is going to be a killer party that also helps kids, so do not be shy about shameless promotion as members of the OTA team. I sincerely appreciate your help. My goal is to host four events per year, with a new children’s charity beneficiary each time. If we can knock this one out of the park, the rest will be easy peasy.

Thanks in advance, Chris Lawson Founder/ Tech For Good

Tech4Good Orlando November Meetup

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We had a nice discussion November 15th for the monthly meetup.  The purpose was to recap the year and look forward to growing the group in the coming months.

As for progress to date, one of the success stories is the work of Pavel Vakh and team from at UP Orlando.  They have been engaging with the nonprofit, delivering much needed IT services and was able to obtain a file server for their initiatives.

As for looking forward to the future, we have two upcoming meetings:

  • In December, we will hold our event at the Pet Alliance Orlando
  • In January, one of our newer members, Greg Troxell, of National Alliance for Youth Development will be sponsoring the January event

– look forward to meetup details for both events.

I am pleased that we have re-activated this group.  There has been very positive reviews and we’d like to capitalize on that for the future.  We need to deliver more positive outcomes to more non profits in greater Orlando.

For the future, I’d like to hear from you.  Please comment below.

Tech4Good Orlando’s September Meeting Recap

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I would like to thank all the people who RSVP’d and/or attended last night’s event at UPOrlando.


We initially met, then participated in a site visit of the non-profit by Nina Yon, UPOrlando’s director of development.

At the conclusion of the site visit, Mark Becker, of Cathexis Partners, discussed Peer-to-Peer fundraising – this is a model that many non-profits can use.

At the conclusion of the presentation, we discussed how we can position Tech4Good to make immediate impact in the community.  Several ideas/activities:

  1. Publish a directory of IT suppliers/organizations that Non-profits can use (look for a separate tab on this site)
  2. Provide focused support for one organization, engage several groups to help alleviate some of the key pain points at the non-profit.
  3. Communicate to the non-profits about the services our group could provide

We specifically addressed how the team could help UPOrlando, immediately.  Please watch this space as we work with UPOrlando in the next few days.

I would ask if you have additional comments, please provide here:


Tech4Good’s latest Meetup – Tonight!

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We are excited to re-launch Tech4Good this evening. Meeting event details are here.  The meeting will be held at a local non-profit – United Against Poverty (also known as UPOrlando)

Living and working in Orlando provides alot of benefits to residents and this is an opportunity to start to give back.  Today’s event will provide additional information about UPOrlando, its mission and its service in the community.

Our Keynote speech this evening will be by Mark Becker of Cathexis Partners.  Mark will speak on creative approaches for Peer-to-Peer fundraising.

Going forward, we’d like to spotlight other Non-profits during these meetings.  If you’re a Non-profit that would like to be featured, please email me.

We appreciate our partnership with NetSquared and TechSoup, without whose guidance, this group wouldn’t be reactivated.

Looking forward to seeing you this evening!

Any questions, please email us:

Thank you

Tony DiSanza

Charity During Difficult Times

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This past week, we saw incredible devastation to the state of Florida due to Hurricane Irma.  Outpouring of support across the nation has been incredible.  But charity also begins locally.  We will still have our September meetup at United Against Poverty this coming Tuesday, September 19.  In advance of that, United Against Poverty is experiencing an influx of goods that needs to be distributed to members in Florida.   Due to the aftermath of Hurricane Irma they are receiving more food then what we alone can handle. Because our other campuses were impacted by the storm at a greater level than our campus, we will be receiving double what we normally get. They need some extra hands on deck to help us process all of this extra food. Also for this week only, the schedule does not matter. If you can find anytime throughout the day to stop by please do so and feel free to bring some friends with you to help out!­

We will also be holding extended hours on Friday, September 15th until 8pm! If you have any questions please contact Jalisa, the Coordinator of Volunteers at


Also, if there are other non-profits that need more help, please contact me and we can post here.