Tech4Good Orlando’s September Meeting Recap

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I would like to thank all the people who RSVP’d and/or attended last night’s event at UPOrlando.


We initially met, then participated in a site visit of the non-profit by Nina Yon, UPOrlando’s director of development.

At the conclusion of the site visit, Mark Becker, of Cathexis Partners, discussed Peer-to-Peer fundraising – this is a model that many non-profits can use.

At the conclusion of the presentation, we discussed how we can position Tech4Good to make immediate impact in the community.  Several ideas/activities:

  1. Publish a directory of IT suppliers/organizations that Non-profits can use (look for a separate tab on this site)
  2. Provide focused support for one organization, engage several groups to help alleviate some of the key pain points at the non-profit.
  3. Communicate to the non-profits about the services our group could provide

We specifically addressed how the team could help UPOrlando, immediately.  Please watch this space as we work with UPOrlando in the next few days.

I would ask if you have additional comments, please provide here:


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