Charity During Difficult Times

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This past week, we saw incredible devastation to the state of Florida due to Hurricane Irma.  Outpouring of support across the nation has been incredible.  But charity also begins locally.  We will still have our September meetup at United Against Poverty this coming Tuesday, September 19.  In advance of that, United Against Poverty is experiencing an influx of goods that needs to be distributed to members in Florida.   Due to the aftermath of Hurricane Irma they are receiving more food then what we alone can handle. Because our other campuses were impacted by the storm at a greater level than our campus, we will be receiving double what we normally get. They need some extra hands on deck to help us process all of this extra food. Also for this week only, the schedule does not matter. If you can find anytime throughout the day to stop by please do so and feel free to bring some friends with you to help out!­

We will also be holding extended hours on Friday, September 15th until 8pm! If you have any questions please contact Jalisa, the Coordinator of Volunteers at


Also, if there are other non-profits that need more help, please contact me and we can post here.



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