Nonprofit Tech Movement in Orlando

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For decades, Orlando has been a central force in technology advancements – NASA, Lockheed Martin, Siemens, Pixar, Disney and so forth. Today, the movement towards becoming a technology hub is critical to creating new jobs, improving our local economy, and innovating ways to intersect the technology and social good.

Here enters, Tech4Good Orlando! TechSoup Global and Nonprofit Technology Network are stewards in bringing tech usage to the forefront in the nonprofit and social sector. Our role is pivotal in stewarding a conversation that will bring a new way of thinking and doing in our everyday work. Through technology, nonprofits can enhance relationships with supporters, increase fundraising revenue, and spread their mission further – and most importantly, quickly adapt to today’s changing business environment.

In a recent article from the Nonprofit Times, “5 Fundraising Predictions for 2015“, each trend noted is aligned with advancing tech practices and efficiency within an organization.

“The nonprofit sector must continue to evolve and keep pace with behavioral changes we see in society,” said Dietz. “Organizations that embrace new ways of thinking, streamline their databases, create visual stories, and adjust their engagement approaches will be successful.”

Nonprofit professionals, technologists, and entrepreneurs will now have local access to insightful resources, peer-to-peer collaborations, and connection with the Orlando tech community. Tech4Good Orlando has connected with Orlando Tech Association and Canvs as community partners to further enhance member experience and create a link between the tech and social sectors.

On February 13th, Tech4Good Orlando is hosting an engaging workshop, Must-Use Apps & Tools for Every Nonprofit. During this hands-on session, leading experts will showcase various apps and tools (most free or very low costs) nonprofits can adopt to create dynamic messages and content, improve efficiency, and streamline data. Registration is open to all.

Learn more about Tech4Good Orlando and become a member today!

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